Staff Directory

We are proud to introduce you to the team of talented professionals of Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District. Our staff members are dedicated to providing outstanding and diverse parks, trails and recreational experiences in an environmentally and socially responsible way for residents and visitors of Snyderville Basin. We encourage you to enjoy and respect the benefits of our collective team effort, throughout the year.

Brian Hanton Brian Hanton
District Director
649-1564 Ext. 28
Sue Ann Brandreth
Administrative Coordinator
649-1564 Ext. 10
Megan Suhadolc Megan Suhadolc
District Administrator
649-1564 Ext. 22
Melissa O'Brien
Planning & Legal Affairs Manager
649-1564 Ext.11
Bob Radke Bob Radke
Trails & Open Space Manager
649-1564 Ext. 19
Matt Strader Matt Strader
Fieldhouse & Facilities Manager
655-0999 Ext. 14
Brian Kadziel Brian Kadziel
Recreation Manager
649-1564 Ext. 46
Eric Wilkinson Ben Liegert
Parks Manager
649-1564 Ext. 48
Jessica Kirby
Open Space Management Supervisor
649-1564 Ext. 26
Justine Isleib Justine Kadziel
Marketing Operations & IT Supervisor
649-1564 Ext.15
Bonnie Park Stacy Carpenter
649-1564 Ext. 24
Phares Gines
Trails Maintenance Supervisor
649-1564 Ext. 13
Bob Radke Chris Mulder
Techincal Trails Specialist
649-1564 Ext. 41
Lorri Hill
Trails Team
649-1564 Ext. 41
Helaine O'Keefe
Fieldhouse Assistant Manager
655-0999 Ext. 12
Necia Emery Necia Emery
Fitness Coordinator
655-0999 Ext. 17
Necia Emery Kelly Isleib
Recreation Coordinator
655-0999 Ext. 18
  Sydney Bull
Recreation & Aquatics Coordinator
655-0999 Ext. 16
Patrick Saucier
Recreation Coordinator
649-1564 Ext. 45
Angie Greenburg Angie Greenburg
Recreation Coordinator
649-1564 Ext. 47
Sam Schwoebel
Field, Event, & Program Coordinator
649-1564 Ext. 25
Barry Churich
Parks Supervisor
649-1564 Ext. 40
Paul Caine Paul Caine
Building Maintenance Supervisor
655-0999 Ext. 20
Steve Good
Building Maintenance
655-0999 Ext. 20
  Hunter Gines
Building Maintenance
655-0999 Ext. 20
Dave Paskoski
Parks Team
649-1564 Ext. 41
Brendon Hyde
Parks Team
649-1564 Ext. 41