Mid Mountain Trail

Type: Singletrack, out and back; various loops
Rating: Intermediate to Advanced

Most trail users choose to ride from Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley, Armstrong Trail or Jenni's Trail, across Mid Mountain, and then down Ambush Trail to Canyons Resort. To return, shuttle from the lower Canyons parking lot, catch a city bus to Silver Lake Lodge or ride 5 miles back into town. Although the trail follows approximately an 8,000-foot contour and remains relatively flat in and around the ski resorts, there is still a bit of ascending and descending along the way. Various access points and parking are within residential areas, so make sure to check the map and plan your trek accordingly.
The trail covers over 20 miles, winding through some spectacular aspen and conifer groves, through deep canyons and over several creeks. This trail is a must!
Thanks to The Colony and Canyons Resort, there are now a couple of alternative trails and routes in the Iron Mountain area. These trails will add distance and challenge to your Mid Mountain Trail experience.
Use the newest trail in the area, Pinecone Ridge Trail, to ride a 30-mile loop on the Wasatch Crest Trail. Begin by riding up Armstrong Trail, continue to Pinecone Ridge, right on the Wasatch Crest Trail, down the Ridge Connector Trail, right on Mid Mountain Trail and down Spiro to Park City Mountain Resort.

Parking: Access points are from Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley, various locations within Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort. Please do not park in the Community Church parking lot on Sundays between 8am and 12pm. Ideal parking for this area is located in the lower Canyons Resort parking lot.

Notes: Dogs should be cleaned up after, leashed and IN CONTROL at all times. 
PLEASE RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS! All of the trails in this area are on private property. Please stay on designated public trails, clean up after yourself, and keep dogs in control. The future of these trails and new trails depend on your cooperation!


Mid Mountain | Ambush Trail | Collin's Trail to Rob's Trail | Rosebud's Heaven 


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