Leave No Trace on Basin Rec Space

The Snyderville Basin recreation space provides a safe haven for native plants and animals and a welcome break from our busy lives. By recreating wisely we can minimize our impact on wildlife and their homes and fellow visitors, while enjoying our outdoor experience even more. With thousands of people visiting Basin Recreation Space, the less impact we each make, the longer we will enjoy what we have. Please do your part.

The Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, also known as Basin Recreation, is committed to providing community park facilities and non-motorized trails to residents of the Snyderville Basin.

These Snyderville Basin Special Recreation guidelines were developed as an area-specific subset of the Leave No Trace principles. For more information on Leave No Trace or sample educational materials, please call (800) 332-4100 or visit our website: www.LNT.org. Or visit Basin Recreation at 5705 Trailside Drive.