Instructor Biographies

Tina Adkinson
Yoga Instructor

Tina was drawn to yoga in 2012 through a Hip Hop Yoga class offered in Park City. The intense physical nature of power vinyasa and the rejuvenating effect motivated her to grow her personal practice. Tina completed Baptiste Level One Training in February 2015, and Baptiste Level Two Training in July 2016. She has a light hearted view on yoga and wants to show her students how FUN the practice can be! In addition to yoga, Tina is an avid golfer, mountain biker, and skier, You can often find her outdoors with her two sons ejoying the beauty of Park City. 

Christa Anderson
Power Hour Instructor

Christa is a Texan who happens to live in Utah! She began dancing at an early age and continued her training through high school and during her time at Texas A&M University. As an English and Dance teacher in Texas and Utah, she developed a passion for teaching and motivating others. Her love of fitness grew from teaching dance, an active lifestyle, and a heart to help others make positive choices and maintain healthy habits. Christa has four kids (ages 8, 6, 4, & 2) and stumbled on Power Hour after having her second child. She loved the concept of bringing your kids along with you to workout and six years later she is one of our Power Hour instructors. When not teaching Power Hour, you'll find Christa wrangling her four littles, teaching dance at Park City Dance Academy, or working for Young Life with her husband, Rob. 

Elizabeth Brandon
Arm/Ab Lab Fitness Instructor

Elizabeth is a former UCLA athlete and a certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience. She has lived, worked and trained with elite athletes all over the world including Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Greece. Elizabeth thrives on helping clients achieve and surpass their personal fitness and healthy goals. She is passionate about motivating and educating clients on healthy eating, exercise, and active lifestyle habits. Nothing makes her happier and prouder than to see the smiles of satisfaction on her clients' faces as their health, fitness and overall quality of life improves. When not in the gym training you will find Elizabeth with her Australian Shepherd, Zoe, running, hiking or mountain biking in the summer and cross country or downhill skiing in the winter.

Nancy Carrey
Yoga Instructor

Nancy is a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor and holds the Yoga Alliance designation of E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher). She has been a group fitness instructor for over 28 years, teaching a variety of aerobic, strength, pilates, aqua, senior, and special needs classes. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and has a professional background as a Licensed Phyiscal Therapist Assisant. As such she has a strong focus on alighnment and safety in her yoga classes and making all classes accessible with options for various skill levels of participants, It is a joy for her to share her passion for yoga with her students and she believes the many benefits and gifts that come from a yoga practice will change their lives for the better. 

Amanda Christian
Yoga Instructor

Amanda is a registered yoga teacher from Connecticut. Her love of travel and the mountains led her to study yoga in Cusco, Peru with Chaitanya N. Das. Her classes are influenced by the Ashtanga yoga tradition, as well as the creativity and spontaneity of the Quantum yoga method. With Amanda, you can expect a dynamic class rooted in tradition with emphasis on linking each movement with the breath. Off the mat, Amanda enjoys mountain biking, backpacking and snowboarding. 

Laura Collier
Got Barre? and Zumba Instructor

Laura started teaching group exercise at 20 when she graduated with a Nursing degree. After working with so many sick and diseased patients, Laura made it her personal mission to help people avoid hospital stays through preventative medicine - good nutrition, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Laura's sole passion is tranforming people's lives through group exercise classes, personal training, instructor development, gym management and the creation of popular, innovative programs like Got Barre? 25 years later she works soley in fitness, where it's been her gift to impact the quality of so many lives. 

Lindsay Cunningham
A.M.P., Power Hour, I.T Instructor

Lindsay loves being active, loves the outdoors and loves people. As a collegiate athlete, Lindsay loved the bonds that came with sweating and competing with friends...winning together, losing together and all the laughs along the way. After graduating, Lindsay went on to teach elementary school and teaching became a passion, not a job. She also coached youth softball and saw the motivation that was created when people work towards a common goal. Two kids later and a few years of taking care of them full time, she was ready for a new challenge. This lead her to group fitness as it offered the "team" mentality that she had missed. A few classes in and she was hooked. She quickly realized that she could combine her passion for teaching and coaching with her love of group fitness. Lindsay is ACE certified. 


Catherine Deeken
Got Barre? Fitness Instructor

Catherine has been dancing her way through life since she was 3. And whether it's in a class or on stage she is truly happiest when she's moving. Catherine has been a got barre? instructor since 2014 but has had a love for ballet her entire life. She is blessed to have the opportunity to share the joy of dance through this incredible, unique style of barre and is thrilled with the number of Basin Recreation followers. You do not have to be a dancer or even consider yourself coordinated in order to enjoy this class and get an amazing workout. you just need to come ready to sweat and have a great time. "Dance is a sport, no matter how much glitter is involved!"

Nicole Delnort
Step, Muscle-up, Senior Fit & Silver Sneakers Instructor

Nicole has been teaching fitness classes for 28 years and has been a personal trainer for 8. She enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals and creating a fun and exciting class experience, "exercising should never be boring". Nicole spent her high school years in California where she met and married her "high school sweetheart". They have been married for 24 years and have three children. She and her husband moved to Park City 14 years ago. They enjoy the four seasons and all of the wonderful outside activities that Park City has to offer. She hopes to continue inspiring others to stay active and have fun with their workouts as long as she physically can.



Katie Eldridge
Yoga Instructor

Katie Eldridge teaches a Vinyasa-flow style class, weaving in new music, challenging postures and encouragement to her students. After practicing yoga for more than 15 years, Katie's intention is to challenge her students without sacrificing the integrity of their practice. Her classes have a comfortable pace, allowing students to reach the full expression and proper alignment of each pose. Katie encourages her students to practice with kindness and curiosity. She has lived in Park City for the past 13 years, where she runs a successful public relations and video production firm, Panic Button Media. Live music, globe-trotting and new experiences of all kinds top her "favorite" list.


Necia Emery
Yoga/Strength Class Instructor

Necia grew up in the Park City area and developed her love for health and fitness at a very young age. She received her NASM personal training certification in November 2008 and has been helping people live healthy, active and balanced lifestyles ever since. She loves the feeling she gets from encouraging people to reach their full fitness potential. Currently, she is the fitness coordinator at Basin Recreation and lives in Cottonwood Heights with her husband and two dogs. Teaching yoga classes, strength classes and many more, she has established herself as a great health and fitness coach and an excellent resource for those looking to reach their fitness goals. When she is not training or teaching classes, you can find her enjoying her passion of the mountains, fishing, or spending time with her "kids" at the dog park. Necia believes that life is too short to not enjoy every moment because it's the oldest you've been and the youngest you'll ever be again. "Laugh often, do what you love and enjoy the little things."


Sue Fendler
Yoga Instructor

Susan's yoga studies began 10 years ago while taking an intense stress reduction workshop based on the studies of Jon Zabat-Zinn. Here she learned meditation, body scans, and simple yoga. Following this she expanded to classes in Hatha yoga, Tibetan Heart yoga and Anusara yoga. The main emphasis in her classes is on proper alignment and working all the areas of the body so that both internal physical and mental healing can take place. Susan believes in finding students individual gifts and talents and helps each student in a joyful way to reach their full potential.


Heather Garrison
Cycle Instructor

Heather is passionate about fitness and its many positive benefits. She has been involved in athletics all of her life. She developed an interest in the science behind athletic conditioning when she trained as a varsity swimmer and biology major at the University of Rochester. While raising her four children and working in the corporate world, she kept fitness as a priority by competitively running and training for triathlons. Over ten years ago, her desire to share her enthusiasm with others led her to become a Certified Personal Trainer and group cycling, fitness, and TRX instructor. She relocated to Park City from Philadelphia over two years ago and feels very fortunate to be part of a community that embraces fitness and activity.


Gara Wright Halicky
Zumba, "Got Barre" Instructor

Gara has been teaching fitness since 1982 and discovered her love of Zumba this past year.  She is licensed in Zumba Fitness 1 & 2. She grew up in Kansas City and is currently a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. She worked at MCA Records Nashville for 10 years and was a personal trainer for country music stars Lee Ann Womack and JoDee Messina, as well as other music business VP's.  She married her husband who is a captain for Southwest Airlines 2 years ago.  She has a 4 year old grandchild, Noah, who is the light of her life and lives in Nashville.  Her motto is as long as you leave a workout smiling she is happy. Zumba is her passion. Let's DANCE!



Denice Heidorn
Zumba Instructor

Denice is absolutely passionate about teaching Zumba. Her love for Latin music began when she was introduced to Zumba in December of 2010. She quickly became a regular and was inspired to teach. In January 2011, Denice became a certified Zumba instructor. She grew up in Flint, Michigan and has always loved dancing. When she teaches Zumba classes, she shares that same love for music and spirit of dance with her students. Denice is a Breast Cancer survivor. With Zumba she gained a whole new passion for life! Now she enjoys motivating others to party their way to pure happiness just like she has done. 

Trent Hickman
Cycle Instructor

Trent enjoys working with people of all ages and levels of fitness. His philosophy is that we should all focus on an exercise program that keeps us improving, engaged, and entertained. Exercise should be a part of life not just a temporary solution to an immediate goal. Staying active in the gym and out in nature should be fun and not something you dread. Trent focuses on strength and balance training. He feels that working out in a gym should improve our life outside of it. Our muscles drive out metabolism, coordinate our skeletons, keep our bones dense and allow us to be active in nature. Trent is a University of Utah graduate. He holds certifications in International Sports Sciences Association and World Paddle Association.

Edie Kilchenstein
Yoga Instructor

Edie has been practicing yoga for more than 18 years. She received her RYT200 Anusara Elements certification here in Park City through Tiffany Wood Yoga. She is also certified in the energetic modalities of Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Indigo Biofeedback which release blocked emotional and energy patterns by stimulating the body's innate ability to heal. She is committeed to empowering people on their journey toward optimum health and longevity by acknowledging the mind, body, spirit connection. She has been living in Park City for eight years and is an avid skier, mountain biker and hiker. 

Haley Lebsack
Cycle Instructor

Haley believes in getting you outside of your comfort zone to the magic point of change in your body and life. She believes in challenging your body in order to celebrate how strong we truly are. Haley is constantly reading, learning and growing in the fitness and running industry to ensure that she has the tools to help you keep your body and mind guessing.

Libby Ludlow
Yoga Instructor

A practitioner since 1998, teaching since 2009, and a Yoga Alliance E-RYT certified instructor, Libby has extensive knowledge and experience, and it shows in her teaching. Libby instructs a vinyasa flow style that is dynamic yet conscientious, and creative yet centering. Libby draws on her background in functional strength and conditioning to ensure that her students practice safely and mindfully, but also encourages students explore their limitless potential. Trained in the "true" tradition of yoga and a student of yoga philosophy, Libby challenges students to tap into the self-discovery, connection, and equanimity available in the ancient practice.

Valerie Mey, MS, RDN
TRX & Strength/Cardio Instructor

Valerie has her Master's in Sports Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She went to high school in Park City but lived in Rhode Island for 11 years before returning to Utah for her Masters at the University of Utah. She is a past competitive athlete in soccer, basketball, lacrosse, swimming, and running and is currently very active in the Park City community. She coaches the Park City High girls basketball team, works for EATS (Eat Awesome Things at School), and owns her own private practice, "Nutrition Breakthru," to help individuals and athletes feel better and perform to their best ability through nutrition. With her love of working out and helping people live a healthier and happier life she has been a fitness instructor for six years with a certification in TRX. In addition to TRX, she loves teaching strength and cardio focused group classes that help you burn calories, tone muscles and do it all with a smile!


Megan Olsen
Chisel, Strength Hour Instructor

Megan Olsen was inspired by exercise and all the benefits that come with it at a young age. She received her bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Utah and has engulfed herself in fitness ever since. Megan is a big believer in balance and finding that balance with exercise and nutrition. "Exercise should be a stress-reliever, not an added stress in your life." Growing up in the Park City area, Megan has learned to utilize the mountains as a great way to get her workout. You might see her training clients in the parks, running a trail, or going on a bike ride with her daughter. As an ambassador for LuluLemon, she loves sharing her energy and passion for fitness with the community. Her job is so rewarding because it allows her to affect people positively every single day - to help people overcome not only fitness, but mental obstacles that come with achieving their best potential. You can find her teaching various classes throughout the community, but her expertise is in her boot camp style class!


Lisa Phinney
Zumba & Zumba Gold Instructor

Lisa Phinney has been teaching Zumba Fitness with Basin Recreation for four years and loves to create an atmosphere where people smile when they sweat! Growing up in Boston Lisa danced and cheered her way through college at The University of Massachusetts. After moving to Park City 20 years ago, Lisa became hooked on finding a fitness regime that was effective and fun. Zumba is it! Lisa is AFAA certified and licensed in Zumba Kids, Sentae, and Aqua Zumba yet has found her passion in teaching Zumba Gold. Zumba Gold is lower impact for the beginner or Senior. Lisa's classes are always full of energy and positivity. Try one today!
Lisa is married to Chris Phinney, another Zumba certified instructor and has two children, Nathan and Addie.


Danielle Smith
WERQ and Zumba Instructor

Danielle is a certified WERQ instructor and Zumba instructor, with over 20 years of experience in studying and teaching ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and gymnastics. Her main goal is to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere in order to motivate her students using basic steps and rhythms to reach their personal fitness goals. She strives to teach dance, movement and music awareness to participants, while providing fundamentals of physical activity and increased self-esteem. With a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Danielle aims to combine use knowledge to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. When she is not instructing she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and camping. 

Randi Jo Taurel
Kids Yoga Instructor

Randi Jo has lived in Park City, Utah for over 11 years. She discovered yoga in the mid 90's and began teaching full time in 1999. Randi Jo received her first Yoga Training Certificate through the Nosara Institute - Omega Institute of Holistic Studies (Rhinebeck, NY). She then completed the Yoga Works Teacher Training Program (Santa Monica, CA) and more recently the Anusara Teacher Training at City Yoga (Hollywood, CA). RJ is an Anusara Inspired Teacher and most of her classes are influenced by Anusara Yoga's style of incorporating heart, fun and the Universal Principals of Alignment. Randi Jo currently teaches Yoga Basics and Restorative Yoga for Adults.