Grooming Report

Today's Comments - December 1, 2016

It was a warm and beautiful November but now mother nature has decided to bring in winter. We received some snow this week but it's not quite enough snow to groom all of the trails. We have rolled around Willow Creek, Matt Knoop Park, and McLeod Creek to try to create a base. Conditions are marginal right now.

We update this page each day that we groom so bookmark it for easy reference, or if you 'd like to join our email list to be notified when we groom just send a quick email to with your name and email address (and ask to be added to the grooming report list).

Here is the link to our online backcountry trail conditions report

Willow Creek Ice Skating Pond is CLOSED

TrailKMGroomingClassic LanesComments
Basin Rec 5K XC Trails
no dogs, skiing only
5KMGroomed Recently/Still Good SkiingUpper area has been rolled but needs some tuning up
McLeod Creek
- ORR to Meadows Dr.
3KMGroomed Recently/Still Good SkiingRolled to the Temple
McLeod Creek
- to Holiday Ranch Loop
2KMNot Groomed
McLeod Creek
- to Park City Market
1KMNot Groomed
McLeod Creek
- Quarry Mtn. Estates
2KMNot Groomed
Willow Creek Park area
5KMGroomed Recently/Still Good SkiingMarginal conditions, no snow on the asphalt in the parking lot or along the dog park
Miss Billy's
2KMGroomed Recently/Still Good SkiingMarginal conditions
East 224 Trail to The Fieldhouse
4KMGroomed Recently/Still Good SkiingRolled to the white barn
Millennium Trail
3KMNot Groomed
Ecker Hill Middle School
2KMNot Groomed
The Woods at Parley's Lane
2KMNot Groomed

The Basin Recreation trails crew does not have a set grooming schedule. Our target grooming days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a touch up of the heavier used trails on Saturday, but we may groom more or less depending on the weather. We typically won’t groom while snow is falling but we will proceed with grooming operations shortly after new snowfall stops. The crew has found that this is the most efficient way to provide the best trail surfaces. The grooming report will be updated and emailed as soon as grooming is complete. If you wish to receive grooming report emails, please send your request to

Here is the link to our online winter maps